Advantages Of Using Recycled Rubber Flooring

Using recycled rubber as flooring would be most beneficial in the case of a kids play area or someplace that requires safe flooring. Here are some advantages and benefits of using rubber flooring for kids play areas;

Safety feature

Using rubber flooring in a kids’ play area satisfies the need to keep the kids who play on safe grounds. The use of EPDM granule can give an advantage of a slip resistant, cushion like flooring which would prevent the chances of experiencing any tumbling and falling, and even if they do fall, the injuries would be at the bare minimum. Therefore, it is completely safe for children and would benefit them in the best of ways by being installed in a play area. 

Durable and cost effective

The maintenance of these floors does not require much at all. They are very occasionally dirty and even if they are, they can be cleaned and brought back to normal using soap and water which is cost effective and needs little care in the long run.

Attractive in nature

The rubber flooring can be made available in a wide array of shapes and sizes to fit the customization of your play area, similar to what good Polysoft surfacing provides by being used colorfully in water parks. These rubber sheets can be made available in the form of interlocking blocks of different shapes and sizes as well, making it look neat, colorful and a really attractive place to be in.

Tough and sturdy

Rubber flooring is known to be very durable in nature and can take many years before any repairs and replacements can be needed. These are also considered to be very tough and trustworthy in its placement, especially when it involves little children playing around.

Prevents injuries

This type of flooring is highly recommended for preschools as well, as they are able to provide protection to children of that age too. Placing them in play areas is the most ideal of places as they are accident prone places. Using rubber interlocked tiles can injure a child to its bare minimum when compared to a fall experienced on a concrete or tiled flooring.Just as mentioned above, there are several other benefits of rubber flooring apart from the safety for kids, and they are all in its most durable nature with the lowest maintenance costs. Therefore, even though it may seem like a large investment for the installation, one must understand that its long term cost effectiveness along with the safety features weighs over the cost.

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