Electric Walkie Stackers

An electric walkie stacker is a very important commodity for any workplace or warehouse, used for transporting, loading, unloading or stacking any type of heavy loads. In any industry, the health and well-being of its employees should be the first and foremost consideration. Keeping that in view, an electric stacker helps in sharing the load and takes over the burden of lifting heavy loads. It is a power run device which has a pole and forks to lift heavy loads and stack them on good electric pallet jack price in warehouses. they provide a huge advantage in being very easy to operate and working in narrow spaces and this is where they provide an advantage over other weight handling equipment. They come with the choice of adjustable forward and backward speeds and can easily move in all directions with limited turning space which makes it ideal for working in stores warehouse.

The Electric Walkie Stackers are built to lift a range of heavy loads, as they are built to face the toughest conditions. They are made up of heavy-duty steel which contributes towards smooth and undisturbed service for a very long period of time. Further on they can be disassembled according to the requirements of the people handling it and their walking as well as lifting speeds can be easily controlled. An electric walkie stacker can prove to be more cost effective than any other handling equipment and with their electric battery run power source they can be very easy on the pocket as compared to other lifting devices which utilize diesel or CNG. They give out no harmful fumes or cause pollution as they consume very low amount of energy which makes them ideal for indoor handling.

Electric walkie stackers can be found on sale or rent in new or used conditions but without any compromise on their quality. Their accessories and spare parts are also easily available at competitive sale prices. Stackers are of two types: fork-over and straddle type. The pallet stackers Sydney style is available with forks of different lengths while straddle forks comes in adjustable forms. Electric stackers can lift from 1000kg to 2000kg of load and it depends on the type pf model that you are using. Also, while handling heavy equipment, fear of losing the balance dangles over any handler for which the stackers come equipped with electromagnetic brakes which makes sure that the safety of the handler is not compromised. These brakes ensure that the walkie stacker is not able to move while lifting weights and this in turn protects the handler. Electric walkie stackers are also available in a variety of well-executed designs which imparts sophistication to the workplace. They are also becoming a necessary commodity of every industry.

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