Testing Is Necessary For Everything

We all are providing best and we all are the best and not only the best, but amazingly better than our other fellows, these are some assumptions which we all have in our mind against each other (if not against each other at least we have this anyways in our minds). If everyone out there is just the best and nothing but the best, than how they are measuring thing on the scale of being the best? Is there any authentic body which is designated to judge them on quality benchmark? And the last question is who’s going to give them the authority to judge others?

Yes fellows! There are certain bodies made responsible by the government in order to judge and give their reports to the government in order to label the marketer as ‘responsible’, ‘best quality’ etc. There are so many bodies but here we will say something about one of the best testing body i.e. National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) which was actually established near 1947 as result of  a demand mentioned by the authorities to make sure the munitions which the state was preparing during the time period of the world war II. Actually NATA is NPO Company handled by the members of a board and professional bodies. During the time period of 1988 NATA was playing the role of an accreditation body which was appreciated by the Australian government and was renewed during the period of 2014. In real the head office of NATA is situated in Rhodes, New South Wales and there are 4 to 5 more offices in the metro cities of Australia. Company consists of more than 170 employees (staff) and more than five thousand voluntarily working staff and pioneers of technical expertise who actually assist this great company during the process of assessment. Anyways after some introduction of NATA accredited testing there are some other things which we need to understand in order to get the job done, there are certain rules which people and companies need to follow in order to prevail in the market (some are strictly designed to make sure the quality stability of products, some are designed in order to protect the rights of the customers).

The greatest example of quality certification is known as ISO certification, which needs yearly renewals after proper inspection of the quality standards (done by the authentic body maintained by the ISO authorities). NATA whereas is the authorized body to provide the cerfication to the athletic trainer, in order to become NATA certified the candidate has to graduate from an accredited professional training institute and then clear the comprehensive testing examination invigilated by the board of committee. This certifies that the person is eligible to provide service in the real world and worthy enough to get paid. It’s exactly like the branded car, nobody would retaliate to pay 1 million dollar for something authentic.

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