What Are Varieties Of Flooring Used In Homes?


When re-modeling your house, it is very important to choose the correct flooring methods as it will determine the base of your house and add the charm to it. The materials are integral parts of your house while designing your interior. While there are a lot of flooring methods available, some floors don’t need a lot of thinking to do. For instance, the floor of the bathroom always needs tiles. Every different type of flooring material has its own functions, unique qualities, disadvantages, and values. There are a lot of flooring and can be categorized depending on their separate uses, and the economy and the finishing levels required.TilesTiles are one of the most common flooring techniques used as it is quite old, popular as well as the common technique of flooring. Tiles are usually colored or glazed and mostly present in the market in a lot of types such as ceramic and vitrified tiles, etc.


Apart from being natural and beautiful, the flooring of stones is almost always stylish. The tiles of natural stones come in several types such as granite, limestone, marbles etc. The best part about the stone flooring is that the cool and the hard surfaces are the best for climates.

Wood or timber flooring

Although it is quite old now, the wood flooring can never be out of fashion and is only employed under special conditions like hilly places or places with damp climate. If it is maintained and cared properly, the flooring form can exist for a very long time. One can also try bamboo flooring Wollongong as an alternative and this is very popular in parts of China.

Terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo or Marble chips flooring is mostly used in bathrooms, living parts in the homes, offices, and hospitals etc. Marble chips flooring has a concrete surface with small and special types of chips in it.

Marble flooring

One of the natural stones, marble is a natural stone but when it is given a finished cut, it can become a great and beautiful flooring material. This type of flooring is luxurious as well as sophisticated flooring perfect for homes.

Mosaic flooring

Another old type of flooring, Mosaic flooring are employed from small and round stone forming patterns ultimately giving out a great visual to the room.


This type of flooring is not widely used and is only employed in some buildings which are for residential as well as public purposes. They have a surface that is both smooth which is mostly resistant to bacteria and dirt.

Carpet flooring

The carpet used for this form of flooring is usually made from fibers or wool and is the one of the most available of flooring. Ensure that you choose the best flooring store for your needs.